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30dB at Great American Music Hall

Published May 20, 2010

2010-05-20 (Thursday)
Great American Music Hall 
San Francisco, CA

Source: Neumann AK-40s (DIN) > LC3s > KM100s > Edirol-R4 (24/48)
Microphone location: Clamped to pleixglass balcony railing, 1.5 feet house right of dead center
Lineage: HDD > Soundforge 7 (resample and dither) > CDWave (track and FLAC)

Recorded and circulated by Andrew Pierce 

One set 

01 Banter
02 One Man Show
03 Susanah
04 Lick #6
05 Don't Let Me Down (Beatles)
06 Automatic
07 Backbone
08 What The Night Brings
09 Liar intro
10 Liar
11 New Liberty
12 Good Times (Modest Mouse)
13 One More
13 Get In Line
15 Always Up

16 Banter
17 Psychotic Hummingbird instrumental * >
18 Backfire *
19 Return Item *
20 Instrumental In D * >
21 Jesus Grant Me Mercy >
22 It's All Over Now Baby Blue
23 Grave

* Jeff Austin & Brendan Bayliss, duo
I deleted a small part of the encore break to condense the show a little. No music or artist banter was removed. 

Thank you to Pastor Tim, Stella Fleming, Mark Bonner, and Jeff Austin for the leg work to get me in the door with my recording gear and the proper credential needed to record from the balcony. 

30dB is:
Brendan Bayliss (guitar, vocals)
Jeff Austin (mandolin, vocals)
Nick Forester (guitar, steel guitar)
Eric Thornin (bass)
Cody Dickinson (drums)

If you enjoy this recording, please support the artists by buying their album, "One Man Show" at


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